I’m planning on having a good year for the rest of my life, and you?

You think it's good?

I’m planning on having a good year for the rest of my life, and you?

I’ve been saying this for a number of years now; I want to change my life for the better, but during those years that passed me by, my life just got worse. This time around I am left feeling that somehow it just cannot get worse than this. Or must it still get worse before it gets better? This is a story of redemption which has been part of many Abrahamic believers since Abraham’s first big test of faith. Well, history tells us that he passed the test and was richly rewarded, spiritually and materialistically.

I won’t be going into detail how he responded to his own trials and tribulations and how he responded to the commanding call to action. I won’t be going into detail either of Abraham’s legacy as a result of his faith and obedience. There is more than enough literature to substantiate this story which many still find hard to believe. After all, what father would willingly arrange to slaughter his only son because a higher power that he believes in told him to do it?

As things stand now for me, I cannot compare myself to such a man nor can I believe that I would have it in me to do such things. For one thing, I’m too scared. Also, I value life. But have I really? I ask this question as I evaluate my own life over the last few years. Instead of living up to my own expectations, goals and dreams, I simply let things slide. Now, that doesn’t say much for prizing life and all the inherently positive values and characteristics that go along with it.

Anyway, I have decided that it’s now for me. Not now or never, simply now. I opened my heart to my father a few weeks ago. He calmly but firmly said that I should embrace inevitable change and regard this point in my life, the proverbial fork in the road, as merely starting over. I had been thinking of all the waste I had accumulated over the last few years, material waste mainly, and came to the hair-raising conclusion that if I was to proceed with my positive plan of action for the new year, and for that matter the rest of my life, I’d have to rid myself of still more junk, let’s just say.

For one thing, many of the things I have accumulated here, I now have little use for and even if I do, I barely use any of these. I’m halfway through this post which has New Year’s resolutions as its theme. So, without further ado, I’d like to end it on a positive note by blowing the first notes for the New Year (and the rest of my life) here. Let’s begin by following through on the earlier notes for now. In order for my life to be as meaningful and successful as I’d like it to be, sacrifices still need to be made.
For me, this remains an imposing challenge. But such challenges of giving up on what one has been accustomed to are not insurmountable. That’s just one small hurdle. And once it’s been negotiated, there’s likely more to come. By the time many of you are reading this post, the New Year may have already begun. So, perhaps I should also end this note by simply recalling what may have happened in the last days of 2015 and the first days of 2016.

There is no possibility of a break or holiday for me right now. I simply have to continue working to make ends meet. I do this only as my mind and body allows me to. Once that momentous hour has chimed, I then have to proceed more resolutely with practical changes that will positively influence and affect how I work in the future. Both my mind and body needs to be repaired and nurtured. After mind and body begins to heal, more work lies ahead, but perhaps this time around, it begins to feel a little easier.

Let me end by motivating you to make positive changes to your life for the future. Don’t raise the bar too high otherwise your efforts become yet another failure of keeping to new resolutions. If life has been particularly hard for you up to now, simply work it forward by focusing on just getting through one hour and then one day at a time. Worrying about what lies ahead and what needs to be done by the time the first month, usually a penniless one, draws to a close just won’t help. Worry about the things you can deal with now. May I wish you a happy and prosperous future then? Take care.

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