Smoothies are for kids

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Smoothies are for kids

Smoothies are definitely for grown-ups as well. It wasn’t so widely known until just the last few years, even by me, that this phenomenal health drink offered busy mothers and fathers so many affordable opportunities to radically address their health concerns by way of eating and drinking right. I’ve learned that smoothies are perfect for encouraging kids to stay healthy by eating and drinking everything that is good for them. I’m utterly convinced that smoothies are for kids.

Its child’s play really, just how easy it is to make your own smoothies in your own kitchen. This is positive, I thought. I like where this blog post is now going. The previous one was a bit of a buster to write in the sense that my soft heart went out to those mothers and fathers still finding it so difficult teaching kids how to eat right. Even under my own roof, it was, at some stage, difficult to encourage my girl and boy to eat their green vegetables, particularly their green beans and broccoli.

I have always found it hard to believe why children and even adults could never stomach the thought of broccoli, never mind just eating it. To my mind, this green vegetable is so succulent and it’s also quite a versatile one. The making of smoothies for kids has its versatility attached to it as well. There’s even a fun-filled and playful aspect attached to it. You can even teach your own kids to make their own smoothies.

Let’s share one or two ingredient ideas for kids’ smoothies before I close this post leading on to weightier issues to do with children’s health and fitness requirements. The thing about smoothies for kids that should make it a healthy attraction for them is that the finished product is sweet, just like the sugar-coated cereals are. Only in the case of healthy smoothies, the sweeteners are in the natural fruits included among the ingredients and not the white sugar.

The fruity ingredients I found for this one smoothie recipe for children include berries; namely blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Other ingredients include low fat milk; almond, coconut or soy, and plain yogurt. An additional natural sweetener is a tablespoonful of organic honey. This next ingredient is probably not worth mentioning in front of the kids. Perhaps they will hear of it and perhaps be switched off the smoothie altogether. The green culprit here is two handfuls of baby spinach. Its crime is that it’s also loaded with iron along with the antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and vegetable protein.

I learned another devious trick in encouraging my kids to partake in healthy foods that they would normally avoid. I played the game of color association, beginning it by asking them what their favorite colors or flavors were. If one of them surreptitiously ordered green in her smoothie, well, there you go; the color green would fill her glass, thanks to the green vegetables she wasn’t so fond of before. If my son said he liked his chocolate or he liked the color brown, I would invariably add a modest portion of dark (cooking) chocolate to the child’s ingredients.

I did the same with cereals. I was able to wean the kids off the sugar-coatings by beginning to add their favorite flavors to their smoothie glasses. Over time, I would replace their favorite cereal with healthier, organic and sugar-free alternatives not too dissimilar in taste. They were none the wiser. I’m quite glad that there are at least tasty treats out there that are still good for kids. For instance, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have been perennial favorites for children since before even my time. I have been able to replace the popular processed brand with the organic alternatives, almond nut being particularly popular these days, and adding other healthy ingredients such as honey and banana to the peanut butter and not so jelly sandwich.

I’m closing this post off now with a reminder to you to follow my next post which is going to be a bit of a campaign of sorts, motivating parents to take responsibility for their children’s health and fitness. Hope you enjoy it.

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