Teaching kids how to eat right

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Teaching kids how to eat right

Thanks for sticking with me. I know it has only been a short while and I have barely touched the surface where children’s health issues are concerned. I digress from what I said earlier about my concerns over the health, fitness and wellbeing of children. It is not an occupation. It is an undying passion of mine and I am glad to have been afforded the opportunity to work in pediatrics. Previously, I had been in the cancer unit and that work experience was quite traumatic for me, even as a nursing professional.

After I finished studying even further, watching death almost on a weekly basis, motivated me even more to spend more time with my own kids and work with other parents to help them teach theirs to be physically active and learn to do things right for themselves. Today, we are going straight to work in assisting troubled and busy moms and dads in teaching kids how to eat right. By now, you know that I am a working mother and perhaps you have picked up that this is going to be the theme, going forward.

The overriding theme will always remain the ultimatums in achieving absolute health and fitness. The passionate sub-theme for me is always going to be a vocational one. I am committed to addressing parents, first and foremost, in teaching kids to be active in their lives and to support this physically active lifestyle by eating right and doing the necessary physical and emotional exercises required to ensure that young bodies grow up normally and that these same bodies in later life as adults can cope well with the vagaries of twenty-first century life in the most disciplined and compassionate ways possible.

Because I know and appreciate just how difficult it is for many parents today, let us talk a little bit about the challenges facing parents today in trying to get their children onto well-balanced and essential eating plans that basically set them up for future life as adults. In teaching the kids from the earliest possible age how to behave, eat, play and work, we instill in them the healthiest of habits which are associated with good discipline and acquired tastes and enjoyment for natural foods and physical activities.

The main problems that seem to continue to plague parents today have to do with time, availability and peer pressure. In a mad rush to get things done after a long day at work, not all parents are entirely focused on providing their children with their necessary daily dietary requirements. They simply rustle up anything that’s close to hand and quick and easy to fix.

The abundance of processed food on our supermarket shelves helps these self-same parents save on that time. If the label says ‘quick and easy to make’ or ‘instant’ then the product goes into their shopping trolley. If there’s sugar-coatings involved, figuratively and literally, then those products go in as well. Breakfast cereals for kids seem to pose the biggest health threats for these kids who love all things sugary and nice.

The manufacturers of these processed foods are devious in the extreme. They know full well that young children are easily influenced by the playful and colorful package designs and the attractive enticement of there being an interesting little toy at the bottom of the cereal box. This is especially the case with takeout companies. I won’t be mentioning names at this stage but the so-called kids’ meals, branded to bring them joy and happiness, always come with a toy promotion or two.

It’s not a happy occasion by the time kids as young as ten become overweight and contract diabetes. I know it’s all been quite harsh but I do hope this shocker at least encourages you to take action for your kids’ health and wellbeing today.


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