Teaching kids to be active and learning to look after themselves

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Teaching kids to be active and learning to look after themselves

I would like to see a perfect day when busy and often harassed moms no longer need to tell their growing and bustling kids, both girls and boys, and especially the boys, how to behave. It’s hard enough for me as it is. Trying to get the kids to sit still at the breakfast table is one thing. But try to get those same little children to eat the oats, porridge and fruit, and drink their milk is quite another challenge for busy and pressured mommies, and even daddies, in this twenty-first century day and age.

This is the era when both parents have to work, unfortunately. This is the modern day and age when tired parents barely have a chance to surface for air to breathe, let alone get their kids to sit still on the sofa while watching TV. That reminds me, it’s not so easy for working moms and dads to teach and discipline their growing children. Even more difficult is teaching kids to be active and getting them to spend more time outdoors in the sunshine instead of vegetating behind cold, drawn curtains, watching violent cartoon network shows and action movies or playing even more violent TV or video games.

It hasn’t been easy for me either, let me just tell you. But I dare say, without boasting, that I’ve managed things a bit better than the average parent. Perhaps that’s got something to do with my profession. I’m a senior nursing sister, you see. You may find this incredulous, seeing that professionals in the nursing profession always work long hours and at the most awkward and inconvenient times.

But my kids are growing up now, one is almost ready for high school and the other younger one may as well go to college, seeing as he is so clever and all, and my current work is strictly administrative and confined to traditional nine to five hours. That, of course, leaves me with more space to deal with my kids. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, I’m a single mother as well. It’s become a bit of a healthy occupational hazard for me, teaching my kids how to lead healthy, active lives, because this is how I spend most of my day at work.

Try and encourage your growing children to spend more time outdoors if you are lucky enough to have favorable weather and your grounds are big enough to give them space to run about in. If not, make time to take them out to the play parks, again, if you are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that has such necessities. If not, and if your neighborhood’s not even safe for walking about in, make enquiries at your nearby community center to enroll your children in community-oriented daytime activities.

Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays are a little harsh these days. So outdoor playing time still needs to be monitored in this regard. The ideal time for kids’ physical activities outdoors is during the mid to late afternoon after they’ve arrived home from school. I still believe in the sun because the sun’s rays have that wonderful and essential natural ingredient called vitamin D, essential for children’s growth.


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